The value of strong partnerships: Anders Malmström

by Anders Malmström, Sales Manager, Pemco Additives AB

The popular saying, ‘two heads are better than one’ can easily be applied to the partnerships that Pemco Additives AB has developed with some of the world’s leading manufacturers. Our goal is to always be ready for current and future challenges, whether they result from geo politics, technological advances, consumer behaviour or new legislation. There is no better way to achieve this than in collaboration with other businesses that share your values, goals and ambitions.

A greater portfolio of high quality environmentally-friendly products

For our customers, it means a greater portfolio of high quality environmentally-friendly products, access to additional resources and opportunities to develop new markets, all of which translate into considerable added value.  For Pemco Additives AB, the development of well aligned long term affiliations with world leading manufacturers enables us to broaden our relevance across new market sectors and gain additional insight, expertise and understanding. This allows us to address new challenges and market changes with more innovative solutions. It also strengthens our technical knowledge, sales resources and market know-how.

Each partnership has a uniqueness that ultimately must translate into extra value for our customers

The successful evolution of any partnership requires shared values, brand alignment, trust, flexibility and respect. Strong channels of communication and honest and open dialogue are also key. Each partnership has a uniqueness that ultimately must translate into extra value for our customers. When customers look for a new supplier they now, more than ever, want to understand the kind of supplier in terms of top tier products, technical expertise, environmental impact and sustainability. And if they are happy and can see that these supplier-manufacturer relationships translate into an improved customer offering, our partnerships will continue to flourish.

Pemco Additives at a glance

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