At Pemco Additives, our strategically situated network of facilities presents a unique opportunity for customers and suppliers to fulfil their specific distribution and warehousing needs. From blending and mixing to the storage of product (drums, IBC, bulk), repacking, labelling and filling, we can provide a flexible and integrated solution to almost any logistical requirement. This extends to the consolidation of stock at our dedicated premises, including 10,000sq m of bulk storage capacity at our Gothenburg depot. We pride ourselves on providing a highly efficient transport and distribution system that meets the highest standards for safety, quality and integrity as we manage the needs of customers throughout Europe and Asia, competitively and on time, every time.

Pemco Additives at a glance

One of Europe's leading
speciality chemical distributors
Globally sourced
world-class products
Knowledge, facilities and services
across all market sectors
Proven expertise in developing
successful strategic partnerships
Dedicated market sector
A one stop solution for
businesses of all sizes