Formulating The Future

Pemco Additives is hosting a two-day seminar in Gothenburg for its suppliers and affiliates to discuss new innovations, the market place and future strategy.

The Group Meeting commences today with more than 20 business leaders attending from across Europe and Asia.

“These types of gatherings are important to ensure that we continue to develop and grow our global operations,” explains Chatarina Schneider, CEO, Pemco Additives. “Within our business we have a wealth of knowledge and market expertise and this two-day gathering allows us to share our experiences and knowledge for the greater good. We shall also use the time to strengthen our communication processes. In such a dynamic market, clear and effective communication is an essential tool to achieve success and improve working relationships at all levels of our organisation.”

Pemco Additives at a glance

One of Europe's leading
speciality chemical distributors
Globally sourced
world-class products
Knowledge, facilities and services
across all market sectors
Proven expertise in developing
successful strategic partnerships
Dedicated market sector
A one stop solution for
businesses of all sizes