Pemco Additives: Formulating the future for over two decades

For over 20 years, Pemco Additives has utilised its knowledge and experience to provide the fuels, lubricant and petrochemical industries with high quality products, services and market-driven expertise.

“Our aim is to enable suppliers and customers, large and small, to achieve sustainable solutions, by reducing costs and developing new and existing revenue streams,” explains Anders Malmström, Sales Manager, Pemco Additives AB. “We work with the world’s premium manufacturers and top tier suppliers to provide an extensive range of technically proven base oils, additives and speciality products, all engineered to meet the latest global regulations and standards.”

Find out more about our range of world class products;

Engine Oil Additives
Base Oils
Fuel Additives
Industrial Additive Packages and Components
Process Oils
Dyes and Markers
Special Fluids and Solvents
Niche Markets

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Pemco Additives at a glance

One of Europe's leading
speciality chemical distributors
Globally sourced
world-class products
Knowledge, facilities and services
across all market sectors
Proven expertise in developing
successful strategic partnerships
Dedicated market sector
A one stop solution for
businesses of all sizes