A strategic solution from Pemco, tailored specifically to your needs


“Growth is the lifeblood of any business but it can be complicated – there are so many facets to it and nobody wants to waste time and money in trying to get it right.” explains Anders Malmström, Sales Manager, Pemco Additives AB. “That’s where an expert partner comes in, a partner like Pemco Additives which has all the systems in place to help you grow your business efficiently and effectively.”

Over the past two decades Pemco Additives has established a comprehensive range of value-added services designed to support customers and suppliers in reducing their overheads, strengthening their business operations, and developing those all-important new opportunities.

Going right back to basics, sourcing raw materials can be a headache at the best of times but during these unprecedented times an expert can really help.

Pemco Additives with its global connections, market intelligence and extensive supplier networks can help to eliminate purchasing risk and offer a strategic solution, tailored specifically to your needs. What is more, the company can manage the complete process including storage and distribution. That means the initial procurement of quality products at competitive prices as well as efficient transportation management, cross-border documentation and local market customs and taxation.

Pemco Additives boasts a network of facilities to fulfil its clients’ specific distribution and warehousing needs. From blending and mixing to storage, repacking, labelling and filling, it can provide a flexible and integrated solution to almost any logistical requirement.

“We take great pride in providing a highly efficient transport and distribution system throughout Europe and Asia that meets the highest standards for safety, quality and integrity and delivers competitively on time, every time,” concludes Anders.

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Pemco Additives at a glance

One of Europe's leading
speciality chemical distributors
Globally sourced
world-class products
Knowledge, facilities and services
across all market sectors
Proven expertise in developing
successful strategic partnerships
Dedicated market sector
A one stop solution for
businesses of all sizes